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ABOUT US (iLuminous)

Since 2016, iLuminous was created to offer an affordable, customizable product that allows people to create an interactive experience with all the elements around them. Whether you are a bride looking for an all-inclusive package deal or a youth pastor who wants to have something fun for their students at 1:00 in the morning (Youth Lock-In), we are here to make those accommodations happen for you! 


Thank you for taking time to visit our website. We hope you will choose iLuminous to help light up your night as one to remember forever! 

ABOUT THE OWNER (Jeff Robertson)


Jeff is a native of Wichita and currently resides on the west side of town with his wife (Julie), son (Jaxon), and daughter (Jadyn). He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Religion/Philsophy from Friends University, and works throughout the day with USD 259 as a special education teacher (IR Math) at Wilbur Middle School.


Over the course of several years, he has put on countless events for middle and high school students, and provided various entertainment services for friends and family (emcee, videographer, DJ, photo booth operater, web designer, etc.). Jeff is someone who gives everything he has to deliver the best possible experience and product for those attending any event!


As a follower of Christ, Jeff continually seeks to display the light of Christ through all of his services to anyone and everyone who comes in connection with him.

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